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Surf Hat Package

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Surf Hat Package


  • 2 SurfHat Headset
  • Advance Main Unit(2 pcs)

Surf Hat Headset

The BbTalkin surf hat with a speaker pad and long boom microphone is completely IPX7 waterproof. This headset is designed for BbTALKIN Bluetooth waterproof communication devices. Specific components can be replaced if they become damaged or compromised.

For all users that don’t wear a helmet. The speaker is for left side mono sound. Perfect for users who still want to hear surrounding sound.


  • 1x surf hat with chin buckle and marine mount option
  • 1x boom mic speaker pad (replaceable)
  • 1x microphone sponge with velcro tape


Advance Main Unit(2 pcs)


  • 2x BbTALKIN Advance intercom
  • 2x BbTALKIN waterproof case
  • 2x sticker
  • 2x helmet mount
  • 2x strap mount
  • 2x alcohol pad
  • 2x USB to mini USB wire