Become a Kitesurfing Instructor

Kitesurf Assistant Training Course (ATC)

Become a Kitesurf specialist

Boost your progression and turn your passion into a career

The Assistant Training Course (ATC) is for independent kitesurfers who want to improve their riding or make a career out of kitesurfing. Learn the fundamentals of kitesurfing and turn your skills into primary teaching competencies. The ATC prepares you to work as an Assistant at IKO Centers around the world. You can also take this course to improve your kitesurfing skills and become a stronger and more confident kiter.

Learn fundamentals

Our elite trainers developed this course using time-tested teaching methods. It includes Module 1 eLearning from the comfort of your home and Module 2 In-Person Training at an IKO Center where you’re provided with the latest riding, safety and teaching techniques. You have the option to take only Module 1 to improve your knowledge.  To receive your certification you must also complete Module 2.

Start learning online

The first module is online where you’ll learn the essential theoretical kitesurfing concepts to prepare you for in-person training. Enroll in the course to access eLearning materials through your IKO account.

In-Person Training

  • 16 years - MINIMUM AGE
  • Kiteboarder Advanced - MINIMUM LEVEL
  • 5 DAYS
  • 40 HOURS

Share a unique experience

The second module is in-person training with an Assistant Trainer who guides you through a progression of skills. The training takes place over 5 days and includes hands-on learning and continual feedback sessions with other passionate kitesurfers.

The minimum number of participants for an Kitesurf Assistant Training Course (ATC) in KUWAIT is two people. For registration please contact us via WhatsApp or send an email.