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Fliteboard PRO Series 2 Black - 75/800

Fliteboard PRO Series 2 Black - 75/800

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Fliteboard PRO Series 2 Black - 75/800 


Fliteboard Pro Series 2 - Black
eFoil System Complete Kit 75cm Black Series 2.2
Flitecell Explore Titanium Series 2.2
Flitecell Premium 25A Charger
Flyer 800 Front Wing + 290 Stabiliser


Fliteboard PRO Series 2

For experienced riders that want a responsive board with a reduced swing weight. Due to it's significantly reduced volume the Fliteboard PRO is not recommended for beginners.


eFoil System Complete Kit 75cm Black Series 2.2

Stunning black anodized finish.

The 75cm eFoil enables a greater range to fly. Soar smoothly above choppy water conditions with less risk of the propellor breaching the surface. Carve harder and tighter in the turns, with the freedom of greater lean angles before the board touches the water. Standard for Fliteboard, Fliteboard PRO and Fliteboard ULTRA.

eFoil System Complete Kit includes:
- eFoil System
- Flite Controller
- Accessories and Accessories Bag

Not compatible with Fliteboard AIR, Fliteboard Series 1 or Flite Controller Series 1.


Flyer 800 Front Wing + Flite 290 Stabiliser


Flitecell Ti Explore Series 2.2

‘Flitecell Titanium’ is the strongest, most robust and advanced power solution Fliteboard ever offered.
  • Signature titanium plates replace the previous aluminium design making Flitecell highly resistant to any form of corrosion, while increasing impact resistance.
  • Numerous internal changes, including the addition of Phase Changing Material (PCM) provides enhanced thermal management and peace of mind.
  • Battery safety has always been the number one priority, and Fliteboard developed a number of proprietary safety measures including sight glass and magnetic on/off.
  • Fliteboard used the same premium quality 21700 cells as utilised in high power applications such as hypercars, providing incredible performance. Flitecell helps deliver speeds of up to 55kmph (34mph / 29knots).

40 AH, 2.1 KWh capacity, 52v Nominal, High Voltage 58.8v, Low-Voltage 42v, Run time up to 100 min. | Compatible with Fliteboard Series 1 and Series 2.


Flitecell Premium 25A Charger

25 AMP. Charges the Flitecell Explore in under 2 hours. | Includes a carry bag. 

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