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Designed for big air, powerful lift, extreme kite loops, and impressive freestyle performance, the all-new Dice is the perfect kite for the rider who wants to go big!

The goal was to make a kite that would compete at the very top level of the King Of The Air, offering huge jumps and powerful loops. At the same time, the team wanted it to perform unhooked tricks too, making it a really versatile performer.

This year the weight of the kite has been reduced to improve the flying characteristics, and the bridle has been tuned a lot with the pulley-less design offering a very precise feel. These design changes for 2021 combine modern materials with absolutely solid frame construction. This helps the kite to react very precisely and responsive, yet being super stable in gusty or high wind conditions.

By tuning the bridle and wingtips, the turning speed was increased while ensuring the loops are full power with plenty of sideways pull in the air. For freestyle the Dice delivers a good amount of slack just after you pop, this allows you to throw the latest tricks with ease. The fast nature of the handling also lends the Dice well to wave riding, and the reduced weight improves the drifting capabilities.

If you want a really high-performance all-round kite, then the Dice is the choice for you. No matter what the conditions it is ready to go and when the conditions get wild, then the Dice will be there ready to help you fly!

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