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Bumpers XR

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Life is hard - sometimes you need Bumpers to take the brunt of it. These high-density polyethylene beasts are ready for anything you throw at them. Designed to absorb impact, bumpers are easily swapped out so grab yourself an extra pair.

A Bumper order includes two (2x) Bumpers. Black Bumpers come included on new Onewheel+ XR boards

1x set of XR Bumpers (2 pcs.), Installation tool, and screws


Questions and Answers
Q: Should I be worried if my Bumpers get scratched up?
A: Nope! That’s their job! They take a beating so the rest of your board doesn’t have to.
Q: How often should I swap out my Bumpers?
A: It’s a good idea to swap your Bumpers out when the plastic is wearing down to the level of the screws. Most folks like to swap their Bumpers out about once a year but some like to keep them fresher than others.

Bumpers XR