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Pint Home Charger

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Everyone needs to recharge their batteries sometimes. So does Pint. Charge up and get back out there with the Pint Home Charger. Sometimes an extra charger is the ultimate life hack. Leave one at home and one at work or school. Bring one with you to be a Pint hero. Want to charge faster? Consider the Pint Ultracharger.

Charge Time
Pint Home Charger 120 minutes
Note: Chargers are multi-voltage and will work in any country. An adapter may be needed. A Pint Home Charger comes included with the purchase of a Pint.

1x Pint Home Charger


Questions and Answers
Q: Can I leave my board plugged in overnight?
A: Yes. You can leave your board plugged in without issue. In fact, it is healthy for the battery to be left on for an extended period of time (overnight, etc.) every couple of weeks to balance the battery’s charge.
Q: How big is the Pint Home Charger? Can I take it with me on the go?
A: Most definitely! The Pint Home Charger has dimensions of 7.00 in. × 2.75 in. × 2.50 in. and is absolutely small enough to throw in your bag to take on the road.